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Featuring our own equipment, we are able to provide comprehensive Audio, Video and Lighting solutions. Comprising a wide variety of platforms, we are in the position to plan, design and execute any event in the best way and -also important- under competitive pricing.


We provide complete Sound System Rentals and Installations in Athens, Mykonos and whole Greece for shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. In addition, Pioneer DJ Equipment and high quality conference and lighting systems for congresses, live concerts, studio recording, broadcasting, PA application and rentals. Featuring the largest pool of Pioneer DJ Equipment in Athens and Mykonos, we are able to cover any request and Event.

Combining cutting-edge equipment and technology with creative production team, we assure not only the highest quality and outstanding performance, but also full services and support.

Able to provide a wide variety of technical equipment, we can cover any demand, by supplying audiovisual equipment and services nationwide and abroad. From Line Arrays and PA Systems, through DJ Equipment and Mixing Consoles, till Video, Lighting and Staging Systems.

#Sound Equipment Rental Athens

#DJ Equipment Rental Athens


Sound System Rentals Athens




Cutting-Edge technology always plays a vital role in a well-organized event. We rent sound and lighting equipment for a variety of events, not only in Athens, but also in Mykonos and elsewhere. From business meetings and conferences, through Medical Congresses and Corporate Events, till Live Concerts and cultural Events. Certainly, we cover all Weddings and Private Parties.

To ensure the best quality performance under all circumstances, we use our own technical equipment from the best manufacturers worldwide. We provide complete sound, video and lighting solutions not only for Rental, but also for Installation.

We use only the latest word of technology in our Sound System Rentals Athens, as well as in all our Lighting and Video products. For instance, from a simple pair of Bose or JBL Blue-Tooth speaker, up to the required Meyer, DAS Audio and L’Acoustics Line Arrays for a live-concert. And from Pioneer DJ Equipment Athens, till Yamaha Live Mixing Consoles. Certainly under the highest quality.

Moreover, the required staff to assure the correct installation and optimal performance of all sound and lighting systems. Although this is a very competitive field, we are always able to achieve the best possible prices.

In short, by trusting Audio & Art Galleries you can be sure that you will achieve the best results! Not only for your corporate event or meeting, but also for your wedding or private party.

#Sound Equipment Rental Athens

#DJ Equipment Rental Athens


Audio & Art Galleries: Pioneer DJ Equipment Athens

Rental Equipment (main categories):

Home Entertainment

  • Hi-Fi Audio systems
  • High-End & Ultra-High-End Audio Systems
  • Home Cinema systems
  • Plasma and LCD Televisions
  • Video projectors
  • Electrical Video-Projection screens
  • Outdoor Audio Systems
  • Audiophile CDs & LPs
  • Cables, accessories, etc.

Professional Sound

  • Up to 192-channel mixing consoles
  • Wireless, wired and personal mixing consoles
  • Broadcasting & Studio equipment
  • Microphones (wireless, wired, condenser, etc.)
  • Sound System Rentals Athens
  • Large Venue PA Systems (Line Arrays, etc.)
  • PA-Speakers Hire
  • Pioneer DJ Equipment Athens (CDJ players, DJM mixers, XDJ consoles, etc)
  • Backline Instruments


  • Media Players and Servers
  • Video Mixing Consoles
  • Full HD Cameras
  • Seamless Switchers
  • Large Venue HD Video Projectors
  • Large Screens
  • Free standing screens
  • LED Video Walls

Professional Lighting

  • Moving Lights (BEAM / WASH)
  • Spots and Washers
  • Decoration Lights and PARs
  • Architectural Lights
  • Fixed LED Lights
  • Strobes
  • staging
  • telescopic lifts

Our technicians are available for technical questions, as well as to provide technical support during your event.