Athens Audio Visual Equipment Provider 

Utilizing our multi-annual experience and thanks to our Partners in Greece and Worldwide, we are able to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art Audio Visual equipment and assistance, not only in Athens and Mykonos but also in all other Greek Islands and Mainland.

Sound System Rentals Athens

Professional Audio, Video and Lighting Equipment

In the professional sound, video and lighting, Audio & Art Galleries is the leading provider of audio, visual and lighting equipment for shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, not only in Athens and Mykonos, but also in Cyclades and Greece. Moreover, we rent high quality sound equipment and lighting for live concerts, conferences, studio recording and broadcasting. Certainly, Pioneer DJ Equipment, Party Speakers, Subwoofers and Backline Instruments for Musicians and Live Bands.

Comprising a wide variety of platforms and combining cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and technology with creative production team, we are also in the position to plan, design and execute any kind of events in the best way. Equally important, under competitive pricing, always assuring the perfect quality and outstanding performance.

In addition, we provide the required staff to assure the correct installation and optimal performance of all sound rental systems and video or lighting equipment. Obviously, this is a very competitive field… However, we are always able to achieve the best possible prices.


Athens Audio Visual Equipment

Sound Video Lighting Athens Rentals


You’ve got a vision for your event — we’re here to help you make it a reality!

When you choose Audio & Art Galleries, you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to the success of your event. The best in Athens Audio Visual Equipment is now available only from Audio & Art Galleries.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consultative approach—from the moment you contact us—through the day-of-event execution. We aim to provide superior services for the impeccable planning of weddings, private parties, corporate events, conferences, congresses and meetings. In addition, all required sound, video and lighting equipment for your event in Athens, Mykonos and elsewhere.

In conclusion, by trusting Audio & Art Galleries you can be sure that you will achieve the best possible result, not only for your corporate event or meeting, but also for your wedding or private party, no matter how big or small is.

#Sound Video Lighting Athens Rentals

Sound, Video, Lighting Systems Rental

Sound Video Lighting Athens Rentals

Conference Equipment & Presentation Systems

Athens Audio Visual Equipment Provider

Professional Sound Systems, Video and Lighting Equipment Rentals for any application


We offer complete sound, video and lighting systems for Rental, able to cover any Event or Business Meeting in Athens and Mykonos. We can supply the latest word of technology in Audio and Visual products, meeting the highest standards.

We provide the best in Athens Audio Visual Equipment, as well as conference and presentation systems for rental and support for a variety of events. From business meetings and conferences, through Medical Congresses and Corporate Events, up to Live concerts and cultural events. Moreover, for Weddings, celebrations and Private Parties.

Sound Video Lighting Athens

  • Complete Professional Sound System Rentals, according to your needs
  • DJ Equipment, similar to what the best clubs use
  • Video and Lighting equipment, installed and operated by professionals
  • Conference and Presentation systems for corporate events and medical congresses
  • DJs, Live-Bands and Entertainers available on prior request
  • Production Team, able to design and produce a variety of media
  • Detailed Event Planning from the first steps, till final Performance
  • Sound Video Lighting Athens

Hi-Fi, High-End, Home Cinema

Hi-Fi, High-End, Audio Video

Home Cinema Systems and Multimedia  Equipment for Home applications


For your potential new Hi-Fi and High-End Audio Video System or Home Cinema Installation, we offer a huge variety of the most well-known manufacturers worldwide.

In addition, we provide many solutions on Design, Installation and Support of Home Audiovisual Systems in Athens and Mykonos. Moreover, full after-sales service and support, as well as home entertainment and multi-room solutions.


Let us surprise you and feel the difference…!

Event Management

We provide superior service for the impeccable planning of weddings, private parties and corporate events.


As one of the best Wedding & Event Planners in Greece, we love the opportunity to help you celebrate your Wedding, Renewal, Birthday Celebration or simply: let’s make a party!!

Our extensive knowledge on Corporate Events and our specialization in Event Management for the business market, gives us the possibility to cover any demands and requests, not only in Mykonos, but also in Athens, Santorini, Paros and all Greek Islands and Mainland.

We are able to provide top quality musicians & entertainers, technical equipment,  decoration and anything else you may need for your event.

We undertake the complete Event Management in Athens and Mykonos and everything concerning the event. By managing all aspects of the event planning, we ensure a perfect result. From the arrival of participants right to their destination till the final show. Always, providing solutions and proposals to any challenge in order to create an exceptional event experience!


Sound System Rental – Hiring PA Systems Guide

Have you ever been in need to hire a Sound PA System, rent some speakers, organize a Party, arrange some mics for a Live Event, combine a lighting or visual system, record a podcast? Here is your valuable Hiring PA Systems Guide from Audio Art Galleries – please read carefully prior to any Sound System Rental.

Audio Visual Provider for your next Event

Audio Art Galleries: The Value of an Outside Audio Visual Provider.
We can coordinate all of your AV and technology needs, including power, internet and union labor. We know that you have a lot going on with planning your event, so we make AV easy. We always provide a team dedicated to only your event. This means you pay for dedicated support for your event – not anyone else’s.

Sound & Visual Equipment Provider

Welcome to Audio & Art Galleries. We provide high-quality audio and visual equipment in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and worldwide, not only for installation but also for rental.
Moreover, we aim to provide superior services and technical equipment for the impeccable planning of weddings, private parties, corporate events, conferences, congresses and meetings, not only in Athens and Mykonos, but also in Santorini, Paros, Creta and all Greek islands and mainland.