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Have you ever been in need to hire a Sound System, rent some speakers, organize a Party, arrange some mics for a Live Event, combine a lighting or visual system, record a podcast?? Here is your valuable Hiring PA Systems Guide – please read carefully prior to any sound system rental.

We get questions from customers all the time regarding Sound Systems – what equipment do I need?, how many loudspeakers do I require?, how much power do I need?, etc?

Moreover, trying to combine the Sound with an adequate, well-designed Lighting System or Video Installation will drive for sure into a mess! 

For some people, setting up a “Public Address” (or P.A.) system for the first time can be a little daunting so in this guide to hiring PA systems we’ll try give you a better understanding of the ins and outs of PA System rental.

First of all, it is good to divide sound systems into the following categories, as not all Sound Systems are suitable for all Events.




These are easy to use plug-and-play systems. The emphasis is on convenience and portability. A typical system will output about 100 Watts or more and will generally run on battery or mains. If we add a wireless handheld microphone and some music playback options, such as CD/Bluetooth etc, we do have a complete Sound System for small venues. Ideal for an audience size of up to 50 people or for any outdoor use.


A high quality 2 speaker PA system is the most popular solution of all. This will cover 90% of audio requirements. The right system will accommodate numerous microphones, background music, DJ Equipment, laptop audio, wireless mics and mixing consoles.

Available as both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ systems. Active means that the power amplifier is inbuilt in the speaker. Passive means that a separate amplifier is required. An appropriate mixing desk is provided to accommodate the amount of audio channels required.

Now, depending on the manufacturer (and value), such a system will provide high quality sound for every type of event from assemblies & meeting to launches, town halls and small gigs.

Ideal for an audience size of up to 150 people. These systems can be increased to 4, 6, 8, 10 speaker systems as audience size increases or to accommodate non standard room shapes etc.


PA Sound Systems for Live Music Events (Live Band or DJ) generally (in fact always) require some additional bass bins and a lot more power. The type of system required depends on the gig, venue, audience size, etc. There are a vast range of systems available to suit every possible scenario.

We always use state-of-the-art Sound Equipment from the most well-known Manufacturers worldwide, such as Meyer Sound, DAS Audio, L’ Acoustics, RCF, BOSE, JBl, etc. Our Line Array or Point Source Systems can cover any Event and assure the best possible performance, thus the success of your Event!


  • Wireless Mics – Available as a Handheld, Lapel & Head Set. Ideal for presenters who like to ramble!
  • Podium Mics – Do what they say on the tin
  • Conference Equipment – Specialized Mics and Equipment for Conferences, Congresses, Business & Medical Meetings
  • Music Playback – Can be from CD, MP3 player, Laptop
  • DJ Equipment – the most common source. We always use Pioneer DJ Equipment
  • Monitors – On stage speakers for Musicians / Performers / Speakers
  • Audio Distribution Amplifier / Splitter – Used for Press events it provides an audio feed of an event for media

We’ll take a much more in-depth look at the various components in later blogs.



PA Sound System Rental – Tips

#1 Tip: Never – but never – try to cover large venues or big audiences with insufficient sound system! The result will be extremely pure and all participants will complain about. Additionally it is certain that you will damage the equipment. You might believe that you save money in this way, but think about the success of your event!

#2 Tip: Always locate your speakers in front of open stage microphones and not the other way around. This will drastically reduce the risk of feedback.

#3 Tip: Remember: a room will sound very different when the audience arrives. When you sound check, make sure you have the ‘headroom’ to increase overall volume without getting immediately into the feedback zone!

PA System Rental – Questions?

Do you struggle understanding how all the parts fit together in a PA system? Have any questions? If so then give us a call at +30 6932 201 601 or email us directly at:

We are always happy to help. And, if you’re looking to hire a Sound or Lighting System or DJ Equipment, well, we can help with that too!

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