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The Value of an Outside Audio Visual Provider

Being the biggest Audio Visual Provider in Athens, Mykonos and Cyclades, we can coordinate all of your AV and technology needs, including power, internet and union labor. We know that you have a lot going on with planning your event, so we make AV easy.

Our own Equipment

Featuring our own equipment, we are able to provide comprehensive Audio, Video and Lighting solutions. Comprising a wide variety of platforms, we are in the position to plan and execute any event in the best way. And most important, under competitive pricing.

A Dedicated Team for Your Event

Audio & Art Galleries provides a team dedicated to only your event. Since we plan only one event at a time, we have no competing events that will pull technicians or resources away from your event. This means you pay for dedicated support for your event – not anyone else’s.

Unmatched Flexibility and Responsiveness

We are flexible on payment termsequipment needs and last minute changesAudio & Art Galleries has the largest network of AV and Conference resources, being the most expertized Audio Visual Provider in Athens and Mykonos. We don’t believe in limits of any kind and we know how to accomplish things quickly and precisely.

Consistent Experience Nationwide

When you work with Audio & Art Galleries, you get the same excellent level of support, services and quality anywhere in the country. You’ll have one point of contact to work with you on all your events. Therefore there’s no need to worry about having a different experience at each location.

Our multi-annual experience can assure the best possible services and results under any circumstances. You simply contact us and we will guide you in all rest steps. Everything will run smoothly and -most important- stress free for you.

Audio & Art Galleries

Medical Meeting Services


Medical Meeting Services & Medical Conferences

Audio & Art Galleries is the leading provider of audio visual services and solutions for Medical Meeting and CME (Continuing Medical Education) business events. We specialize in providing audio-visual equipment and solutions that help you maximize the impact of your medical communications.


Solutions for Medical Industry Events:

AV Productions

Planning and executing a live or on-demand audiovisual production involves many moving parts. We assemble them all together to ensure the success of your most important achievements. We’re your one-source partner, not only in Athens but also in Mykonos, providing complete solutions for medical meetings and events. From registration management and administration, through event production and technical support, till audio, visual and conference equipment.

Dinner Meetings

Audio & Art Galleries provides full-service audio-visual solutions for corporate meeting programs and other recurring events nationwide. Our technicians not only install the needed equipment, but also provide any onsite support required. We deliver everything you need: equipment, set-up and support needed for corporate meetings. In addition, we rent projectors & screens, sound systems, laptop computers and conference equipment.

Live Event AV Productions

Planning a live event is hard work. You shouldn’t be required to be an audio visual expert — let us do some of the heavy lifting. Certainly, we do have the experience to perform the whole job for you…!

We listen to your requirements, match you with the right equipment and services and ensure your event is a success—on-budget and stress-free.

Audio & Art Galleries

Hotel Equipment or External Audio-Visual Provider?


Do I Have to Use the Hotel’s AV company?

The answer is no, don’t use Hotel’s AV company!

Many of our customers never knew they could bring their own audio visual equipment into their hotel meeting rooms. Until they started working with us. Hereafter, we explain you why using an outside audio visual provider is always better than using the hotel’s AV company.

Using your own external audio visual provider can save you up to 60% on AV costs.

More and more companies are hiring external equipment providers and event planners to save expenses at the end. Just as travel budgets have been tightened, audio visual budgets have been also reduced.

Hotel audio visual partners limit competition, which equates to poorer service, basic or elementary equipment and -finally- less value than an outside company can provide.

This is something will never happen with Audio & Art Galleries. We always provide cutting-edge equipment and dedicated personnel, only to your event.

If you have multiple events at hotel meeting rooms per year, it’s a guarantee you will save money by using an external audiovisual provider who can provide consistency on-site, one-point of contact and competitive pricing in every venue your events are at.

Why does the venue insist to use the hotel AV company?

Some venues will make commission when booking audio visual services through a provider they have cooperated with. If you bring in your preferred provider they can’t contract the work out and they don’t get incentive pay. However they make more money from food, beverage and hotel meeting room rentals than audio visual, so removing the clause that restricts working with your choice of provider is easy to do. It’s also a good idea to bring outside quotes into your negotiations to drive down in-house costs regardless of which provider you choose.

Audio & Art Galleries

Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Audio & Art Galleries?

Experts in Corporate Events and Event Management

Do you plan your next Corporate Event and need someone who will take care on Event’s Management? Then you are in good hands! We are experts in corporate events and project management.

You’ve got a vision for your event—we’re here to help make it a reality. When you choose Audio & Art Galleries, you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to the success of your event. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consultative approach—from the moment you contact us—through day-of-event execution.

Cost Savings Identification

Great audio visual production and a tight budget don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’ll let you know which equipment and services are “must-haves” for your event, and what can be scaled back when you’re looking for ways to reduce the costs. Being Experts in Corporate Events, we work with you every step of the way to identify areas where you can trim your budget, and provide you with price alternatives for each element of your event.

Flawless Onsite Execution

We are chosen, because our clients expect perfection and know that there’s no room for error when it comes to putting on a high-impact meeting or event. Our singular focus is on creating great events, happy attendees, and making you look good. Our long-time experience made us experts not only in Corporate Events, but also in all kinds of Business Meetings and Congresses.

No Surprises

No surprise charges or fees. The price we quote you is the price you pay. If your requirements don’t change, your invoice won’t either.

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