Medical Meeting Services

Medical Meeting Services & Medical Conferences

Audio & Art Galleries is the leading provider of audio visual services and solutions for Medical Meeting and CME (Continuing Medical Education) business events. We specialize in providing audio-visual equipment and solutions that help you maximize the impact of your medical communications.


Solutions for Medical Industry Events:

AV Productions

Planning and executing a live or on-demand audiovisual production involves many moving parts. We assemble them all together to ensure the success of your most important achievements. We’re your one-source partner, not only in Athens but also in Mykonos, providing complete solutions for medical meetings and events. From registration management and administration, through event production and technical support, till audio, visual and conference equipment.

Dinner Meetings

Audio & Art Galleries provides full-service audio-visual solutions for corporate meeting programs and other recurring events nationwide. Our technicians not only install the needed equipment, but also provide any onsite support required. We deliver everything you need: equipment, set-up and support needed for corporate meetings. In addition, we rent projectors & screens, sound systems, laptop computers and conference equipment.

Live Event AV Productions

Planning a live event is hard work. You shouldn’t be required to be an audio visual expert — let us do some of the heavy lifting. Certainly, we do have the experience to perform the whole job for you…!

We listen to your requirements, match you with the right equipment and services and ensure your event is a success—on-budget and stress-free.

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